Garrett and Danielle ring in the New Year with news of baby White who is due to join the family in late July. In this first episode of 2019, the White’s have a conversation that is all about babies and children, and how much they change the game in all areas of a couple’s life.

Point #1: New Beginnings

  • Early last year after announcing their pregnancy to a room of three thousand people, Garrett discovered that Danielle had miscarried their baby, a sad and rough experience for them all.
  • After a fun-filled summer of adventure, Danielle realized that if she wanted to have another baby it was “now or never.” Even at the young age of 35, she falls into the ill-named category, “Advanced Maternal Age.”

What new beginnings are you currently experiencing?

Point #2: Change Is In the Air

  • Both Garrett and Danielle agree that no one can really prepare for and comprehend how much a baby and children change your life.
  • Danielle: Having kids pushes you to do things you didn’t think were possible. It fast-tracks you. It brings out this maturity and responsibility and gives you this sense of purpose.

What changes are you anticipating or experiencing in 2019?

 Point #3: The Shift

  • Garrett: I don’t think a human being can fully grasp the intensity of what it is to be a human being without birthing or raising a human being. It creates a shift.
  • There are a lot of people who are anti-children. What makes that so ironic is, if someone would have had the same thought process as they’re having, they wouldn’t fucking exist.

What is the shift you have experienced as a result of having children?

 Point #4: Legacy

  • When Garrett turned 40, he started thinking about his children and his legacy in a way that he had never before considered. “Not being married and not having children, there’s no fucking way I’d work this hard.”
  • Both Garrett and Danielle believe that women are a motivating factor when it comes to men working hard and producing and remember Garrett’s fierce drive for work when they were dating.

How does having a wife and children affect your drive to produce?

Point #5: Mixed Signals

  • Garrett: When you’re pregnant, there’s some kind of endorphin that releases from you that fucks with the sexual mojo for a man. There’s a shield that blocks my balls. I want to be all over you but I just can’t.
  • From a woman’s perspective, Danielle understands and appreciates the sensitivity, yet there are times when she doesn’t want to be treated like she is pregnant; she wants instead to experience that sexual energy between them.

How do you handle sexual intimacy during pregnancy?

Communication Challenge:

Begin the conversation of Legacy and what that looks like inside of your relationship.


Date Night Topic:

Date Nights and Get-a-ways: Grab your calendar and begin brainstorming & planning what you want to do together in 2019. Go outside the box and get adventurous!

Quote of the Week:

“It’s almost like your body is sending some sort of signal to me that’s saying, “Thank you, you’re not welcome here.”

Garrett J White

“Having kids pushes you to do things you didn’t think were possible. It fast-tracks you. It brings out this maturity and responsibility and gives you this sense of purpose.”

Danielle K White