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Cross the Line | Date Your Wife | Ep 018

Being married is hard. In fact, it can be a complete fuckin shit show and amazing all at the same time. While most marriages end up in complete sedation, disconnection and/or divorce, Garrett and Danielle have a commitment to create something a little bit better than that, a little more fun. Join...


Space and Love | Date Your Wife | Ep 016

In this week’s episode about Parenting, Garrett and Danielle engage in a lively conversation about the work that is required as a man to actually stay connected to his children, why sometimes as a man the only reason why you’re actually spending time with your children is because you think...


Money Matters | Date Your Wife | Ep 015

Welcome to Date Night with the White’s here on the Date Your Wife podcast. Today’s conversation with Garrett and Danielle is about the topic of Money and the important role it plays in your relationship. Every week married couple Danielle and Garrett J White share insights and perspectives...


Slip ‘N Slide | Date Your Wife | Ep 010

Grab some popcorn, folks, and get ready for another off the charts episode of the always spicy and highly entertaining Date Your Wife podcast, featuring  the refreshing “tell it like it is” co-hosts, Garrett and Danielle White. They’re at it once again as they delve into Garrett’s...