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Processing Guilt | Date Your Wife | Ep 092

“In today’s episode, we learn about Danielle’s epic dream that may or may not include Matthew McConaughey, we discover how men and women process guilt (and where that guilt stems from), and how the life-altering seasons of ultramarathon running and Kokoro training profoundly influenced and affected...


The Karmic Loop | Date Your Wife | Ep 091

The White’s are back and on fire in this new episode of the Date Your Wife podcast. Inarguably one of their spicier therapy sessions yet, in addition to today’s theme of the Karmic Loop, Garrett & Danielle delve into the topics of parenting, fitness, dating, the art of seduction, sex, and have...


Quantum | Date Your Wife | EP 089

*NEW EPISODE* The White’s are back in the studio with a brand new episode of the Date Your Wife podcast, fresh and on point in the style you have come to love! We learn what has been transpiring in their lives since the arrival of baby Isla, what postpartum life is like, why Danielle feels...