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Pregnant Sex | Date Your Wife | EP 064

Welcome to the Date Your Wife podcast. This episode is dedicated to all the men who feel like they don’t have a voice when their wife is pregnant and who don’t know what to do with all of their sexual energy.  Every week married couple Danielle K and Garrett J White share insights and...


Haters | Date Your Wife | EP 057

Welcome to the Date Your Wife podcast, aka the White’s weekly therapy session, coming to you for the first time from their new home studio. In this week’s personal and up close conversation from inside their bedroom, the highlights of this episode include details about Closet Sex, Garrett’s...


Dream Big | Date Your Wife | EP 056

This week’s episode of the Date Your Wife podcast comes to you from beautiful Palm Beach, Florida, where the White’s are attending Tony Robbin’s Business Mastery Event. As they huddle in their bed trying to warm up from the ice-box temperatures they’ve been experiencing all day, they share...


Date Night | Date Your Wife | EP 055

Garrett and Danielle are proponents of dating your spouse at least once a week. They understand that adding young children to the mix can sometimes present a challenge but know that your relationship MUST come first if you want it to last. In this week’s episode, the White’s share tips...