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Quantum | Date Your Wife | EP 089

*NEW EPISODE* The White’s are back in the studio with a brand new episode of the Date Your Wife podcast, fresh and on point in the style you have come to love! We learn what has been transpiring in their lives since the arrival of baby Isla, what postpartum life is like, why Danielle feels...


Primal Connection | Date Your Wife | Ep 088

*EPISODE REPEAT FROM OCTOBER 2018* On the heels of a fabulous weekend getaway to New York City, Danielle and Garrett have a conversation about the importance of taking time away from their children and their day-to-day responsibilities, and reconnecting with each other as a couple on a deeper level...


Baby Isla | Date Your Wife | Ep 080

Welcome to a brand new episode of the Date Your Wife Podcast! The White’s are back after the recent birth of baby Isla, and in classic White style, share stories and details of their birth experience. As a bonus, we get a recommendation from Garrett for his new favorite breakfast burrito and a...