Garrett and Danielle have a conversation about the three components necessary in order to create favorable conditions for communication inside your marriage.

Every week married couple Danielle and Garrett J White share insights and perspectives from within their own lives regarding the following topics discussed each month:

Week 1: Sex

Week 2: Money

Week 3: Parenting

Week 4: Communication


In This Week’s Podcast….COMMUNICATION

Point #1: The Mirror in the Closet

  • Danielle has a mirror and bench inside her closet which comes in handy for the “get it done” sex. “It’s a good view for us both: He’s got his mirror and I’ve got my shoes,” says Danielle.
    Garrett: It’s awesome. Not only is it great sex, but it’s also visual content and stimulus for my mind for days.

How can you spice up your “get it done” sex?

Point #2: Date Your Wife Podcast

  •  Garrett came to Danielle last year at this time and told her they were going to be doing a weekly podcast called Date Your Wife. They are ready to hit their 50th episode which represents at least 25 hours of communication.
  • Garrett: The podcast was a favorable condition that we created with time, energy, and money, and has proven to be the best therapy of all time for us.

What favorable conditions have you created in order to have better communication with your spouse?

Point #3: Lacking Sex?

  • If you’re a guy and sex is not happening, it’s a guarantee that what is also not happening is communication – direct, intimate communication which is the ability to communicate and connect.
  • If you have not invested time, energy, or money to create those conditions, then you also cannot be entitled to the results that come through sex and connection.

Where in your relationship are you investing money and energy, but not time?


Point #4: Date Night

  • You must create favorable conditions for communication on your dates. If you are always going out with friends and family for your Date Nights, that is not an environment where the two of you are able to have deep, intimate conversation.
  • Garrett enjoys getting together with other couples about once a month, but anything more than is too much, even if they’re good friends because it turns into Team Girls and Team Guys instead of the one-on-one time together that they are desiring on their dates.

What has been your Date Night pattern?

Point #5: Time, Energy, and Money

  • If you’re going to create communication, you must be willing to create favorable conditions for communication. You’re going to have to invest time, energy, and money at some level, whatever it is.
  • Many men will not invest the time and energy, but will invest the money, or will invest the time and energy, but not invest any money. All three components of the Trifecta must be present.

What portion of the Trifecta are you missing?

Communication Challenge:

Figure out how you’re going to create favorable conditions for communication inside your marriage.

Date Night Topic:

What can you add to your sex life to spice up those times when you have the “let’s get it done” sex?

Quote of the Week:

“You must be willing to invest to create favorable conditions for communication to exist.”

Garrett J White

“Women look to men for safety and security. In reaching for that safety and security you have to look inward and realize that you are part of creating your own safety and security inside of that relationship.”

Danielle K White