Co-hosts Garrett J White and Danielle K White share in this weekly podcast as a powerhouse husband and wife duo why date nights have become non-negotiable in their life. Garrett is the founder of Wake Up Warrior, a program for married businessmen to live the Warrior’s Way towards having a life of having it all, and Danielle is the founder of NBR hair extension techniques through DKW Styling Salon. They will share how they have created success in every aspect of their lives after being willing to rebuild and heal from disconnection, and it all starts with weekly date nights.


In Today’s Podcast….

Point #1: Detailed Eyes

  • As we dive into the first inaugural episode of the Date Your Wife podcast with Garrett and Danielle White, the conversation instantly goes to the difference between men and women when looking at themselves.
  • The purpose of this podcast is to help people gain a better perspective on who they are as individuals and what they’ve gone through as a couple.

Point #2: Getting On the Same Page

  • Between struggles of sex, money and children, communication in general wasn’t always where it is now.
  • They first met at a Mormon church function in Orem, Utah where the first impression for Danielle was of Garrett being super loud.

Point #3: The Person You Notice Later

  • Garrett had randomly showed up at Danielle’s apartment after his cousin called dibs, dating for the following two years, breaking up around nine times before deciding to get married.
  • Both crazy attracted to the crazy within each other, they realized that they couldn’t do life with out each other.

Point #4: Sex, Money and Kids

  • Waiting to have sex until marriage, having a very strict upbringing in the Mormon culture, it was always a hard topic to discuss, which is why it’s the first topic that will be discussed in the upcoming episode.
  • Skipping right to the topic about childbearing, when it comes to pushing out a baby, it’s the euphoria of accomplishing something extremely hard, and there’s a lot of things in parenting that she’s constantly beating herself up about.

Point #5: Guilty Parenting & Raised with as well as without Money

  • As a working mom, there’s this continual guilt that comes from balancing the mom role with the career, there’s an internal plugging in that moms have compared to dad.
  • Garrett was raised with a very different upbringing compared to how Danielle was raised economically, though both of them were raised with the mentality to work for the money they earn, in which Danielle saw beyond the upbringing and saw that Garrett had a gentleman’s way about him.

Point #6: Sealing the Deal After Rebuilding from Pain

  • Communication was what became the strongest part of their marriage, which is what started their relationship to building up Danielle’s hair industry so she could leave Garrett, considering a lot of options when life lacked the needed communication.
  • A large part of the show is about learning how to rebuild the relationship beyond the pain, wanting to bring strength to other couples based off of their own experiences within their own relationship, becoming a show that can be relatable to both men and women.


“If you can build something for yourself, you will become ten times more powerful with your spouse. I had insights even when we were struggling that we were far better achieving success together than we could ever do alone.” –Danielle K White
“One of the keys that Danielle and I found in bringing our relationship back to power, dating it what restored our relationship. We were not in a good place at all, knocking on the door of divorce until we decided to go on weekly date nights.” –Garrett J White