It’s Week One of the Date Your Wife Podcast, so you know what that means: SEX. Married co-hosts Garrett and Danielle share from their own perspective what sex really means to them, offering up tips for a healthy sex life that they have discovered within their own lives, tackling topics that are sometimes considered taboo in more traditional settings regarding marriage.

In this Week’s Episode….

Point #1: Middle Initials to Segue into the Background of Taboo Sex

  • Garrett and Danielle share their backstories behind sex, and not having sex with each other until marriage due to a strict Christian religious background.
  • Regardless of the type of approach that both were taught, they found that they discovered sex together, creating their own rhythm with each other. They’re taking a very different approach with their own children.


Which parent should be having the talk with their children? Should it be gender specific?


Point #2: Surrendering to Tough Conversations About Sex in Marriage

  • Even after marriage, the topic of sex isn’t always the easiest conversation to have, especially when approaching it from a male and female perspective, not understanding the reason behind why one partner wants or doesn’t want sex.
  • There’s a sense of entitlement that puts a tension in the relationship until there’s a level of comfort to own your own shit being more chilled out about what it is that you want, and respecting the other’s differing views at the same time.


Do you find it’s hard to talk about sex with your spouse? Why?


Point #3: The Magical Formula

  • Garrett would go into pouty asshole mode and become standoffish after not having the entitlement of sex that he expected to come with marriage.
  • Her solution after a decade of rejection was that porn star sex is necessary every 3rd time they have sex, spending the time to connect with each other on a deeper level without feeling like it has to happen every single time they wanted to connect.


What needs do you think your partner feels are necessary for you? What do you think their needs are?


Challenge of the Week:

Danielle’s Tip for Women:

Find your magical formula in which everyone is happy.

Garrett’s Tip for Men:

The story you’re telling yourself about how your wife sees sex may be simply that: a story. You’re going to have to change your story and investigate it to give you the tools that you need to have a better approach to getting what you want.


Quote of the Day:

“Every couple has their formula to combat against the rejection factor that inevitably comes within marriage. I could see that Garrett was putting in the effort the way that he knew how, which came to a willingness to go all in. If you have really good sex, they’re not thinking about porn or another woman but they’re thinking about YOU, and putting their focus on having a good time.”

–Danielle K White