A picture-perfect sunset by the sea is the backdrop for this week’s Date Your Wife podcast with married co-hosts, Garrett J and Danielle K White. We discover why Danielle has stepped away from her salon earlier than anticipated and what that has to do with Garrett overcoming his aversion to needles. The topics of sex during pregnancy, surrogacy, and favoritism are also part of today’s conversation. This episode is all about life transitions and how the entire White clan is doing their part to make this transition as smooth and as seamless as possible.

Every week married couple Danielle and Garrett J White share insights and perspectives from within their own lives regarding the following topics discussed each month:

Week 1: Sex

Week 2: Money

Week 3: Parenting

Week 4: Communication

In This Week’s Podcast….PARENTING

Point #1: Change of Plans

  • At the time of recording this episode, Danielle is 33 weeks pregnant with seven weeks to go until the arrival of their daughter, Isla. A visit to the ER reveals some news that requires Danielle to alter her plans for the next seven weeks.
  • “I stopped working a little bit earlier than anticipated, and I’m just trying to take it easy. But mentally, it’s a little bit torturous. Yesterday, I went to CVS, and I’m literally standing in line chatting with a bunch of eighty-year-olds while I wait for my prescription and look for compression socks.”

Where in your world have new circumstances required you to alter your original plans?

Point #2: Letting Go

  • While at the ER, Danielle was on the phone conducting business with her team members finalizing details of a huge event coming up. When her lead trainer caught wind of where Danielle was and what she was doing, her message to Danielle was, “Let go!”
  • Danielle: “There comes a point where your health is involved that puts things into perspective. I need to slow down, I need to let go, and I need to trust that my teams have this. Sometimes in life, we have to understand that people may not always do things as you would, but we have to give them the opportunity to rise.”

Inside your world, where has the ‘letting go’ opened up your world and given people inside of your life the opportunity to rise?

Point #3: Favorites

  • Bailee, the White’s twelve-year-old daughter, makes a guest appearance on the show and adds her two-cents when it comes to baby Isla possibly being the “favored” child.
  • “I’m really good with babies, but I already know the main focus is going to be on the baby… and Ruby’s gonna have a tantrum about that. You can already tell Isla is the favorite. She has a hair brand named after her and she has her own cool room with everything new.”

What are your experiences with the “favored child syndrome?”

Point #4: The Sex Game

  • Garrett brought up the fact that there’s not a manual for the guys when it comes to having a pregnant wife. Men have a lot of questions and go through transitions of their own during this time. “The moment this is brought up,” Garrett remarks, “you’re thrown into the blender of you’re a pussy.”
  • “What do the guys do when their sex drive is extremely high? What about sex during the third trimester? What does it mean when you’re not getting laid? What do you do when the sex game completely disappears? If we do have sex, will I hurt the baby?” According to Danielle, “There’s not a guy on the planet who is long enough to poke his baby in the head!”

How are you and your partner handling this transition from the male’s perspective?

Point #5: Seasons of Life

  • Garrett: You’ve got these transitionary moments of up and down and up and down; seasons of one thing, and seasons of another. Things are constantly evolving and changing as a couple, and you’ve got to be ok with the fact that they’re changing.
  • Right now, we’re in a big-ass transition. I look at the fruit of what this time gives us, and it’s giving us an opportunity to slow down. It’s giving us an opportunity to look at things from a different angle, and it’s giving us, as a couple, an opportunity to connect in ways we maybe wouldn’t normally connect. And, it’s giving our family a chance to have a different focus.

What lessons have your life transitions taught you? What opportunities have they brought into your life?

Communication Challenge:

Do you have a focus on a vision beyond the transition?

Date Night Topic:

Consider what transition you’re in and have a conversation about it over a bowl of ice cream.

Quote of the Week:

“As a couple, if you don’t stay open in the transition, you’re never going to see the window to the next play. It’s very easy to close it down and to want to go back to the way things were.”

Garrett J White

“I’m going to be smarter this time. I’m going to enjoy my kids AND keep my sanity. I’m going to be with them, and I’m also going to allow help to come in to help me transition through this period of my life. As moms, we’re human… and we also need our space.”

Danielle K White