Always entertaining and willing to go where most won’t, Garrett and Danielle are keeping it real and raw in this week’s spicy episode of the Date Your Wife Podcast, where they pull back the curtain on all things sex & relationships.

In Today’s Episode…

  • What’s the difference between sex and intimate sex?
  • What is vaginal masturbation?
  • How much power do women have with the sex card?
  • How does the Stack fit into all of this?
  • What about Danielle’s fitness competition journey?
  • How do you date your spouse?
  • And…what was the last piece of the puzzle that ultimately set their marriage and sex life on fire?



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“You’ve become the sexual monster that I’ve wanted to be dominated by; the woman who tells me, ‘I conquered you!”’
—Garrett J White

“When you have sex without intimacy, I’m a personal vibrator.”
—Garrett J White

“If I’m not connecting with you, we’ll have sex to have sex. But I hold my emotions and vulnerability, and I don’t let myself even enjoy it or have fun.”
—Danielle K White

“I hated the idea of having somebody tell me, “You can spend money on this, but you can’t spend money on that.” I wanted to keep my independence.”
—Danielle K White

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