You’re in for a blushing hot time with the White’s in this week’s episode of the Date Your Wife podcast. Danielle and Garrett hold nothing back as they explore the reality of faking, fantasy, and payloads, and share intimate secrets and tips in this completely transparent and entertaining conversation about Garrett’s favorite topic, sex.

Every week married couple Danielle and Garrett J White share insights and perspectives from within their own lives regarding the following topics discussed each month:

Week 1: Sex

Week 2: Money

Week 3: Parenting

Week 4: Communication


In This Week’s Podcast…. SEX

Point #1: The Faking Game

  • Danielle: Every girl fakes it. If she says she never fakes it, she’s like the guy who says he never masturbates. We get to this point where we don’t care if we have an orgasm – we’re just putting on a good show.
  • Garrett: Here’s the deal: I have faked it. I don’t care if Danielle fakes it. I actually like it and enjoy it more when she does because I feel like we’ve both scored.

How often do you fake it?


Point #2: Go For the Goal

  • Garrett: Do you think porn has completely twisted the thought of orgasms? We know this woman who never had an orgasm during her 13-year marriage. And she didn’t even know she wasn’t having an orgasm.
  • Danielle: You have to be a little selfish in bed and go after what you want. If she didn’t have an orgasm, it’s her fault. Even with the dullest sexual encounters, if I want it, I’m going to get it. You gotta be focused; you gotta go for the goal. You treat it like a sport, ladies. You get on it and accomplish your goal.

Ladies, how do you communicate what you want to your guy?

Point #3: The Warm Up

  • Danielle: If there’s a warm-up, girls are focusing on “holy shit, I’m not going.” If there’s not a warm-up, we’re focusing on “I’m going to go after the goal and get it.” If we get warmed up, it’s going to happen. But sometimes when we’re tired, we won’t submit to the warm-up, and then we’re all about a quick one.
  • Guys like the warm-up because the girl just submits. But here’s the thing. You can’t go in aggressively for the warm-up because then it gets creepy; then we’re thinking this is just gross, let’s just have a quick one. So, guys, you really have to seduce us.

Guys, what type of warm-up does your spouse respond to the most?

Point #4: Payloads

  • Garrett: If a guy hasn’t gone for a while, say it’s been five days, and there’s been no masturbation, he has a bigger shot. The bigger the shot, the more intense the orgasm.
  • Danielle. I think I purposely don’t go sometimes because I want the build up. I think it’s more of a control thing for myself. I can have a bunch of shitty pairs of shoes, or I can have a couple of really good ones.

What is your preference?


Point #5: Screenshots Matter

  • Garrett: Women, you have to give your man a screenshot. Danielle sends me photos of her looking super sexy in her swimsuits. She doesn’t send me naked photos or breast shots, she sends me super intense and very sexy photos that I put on my cell phone.
  • If we’re at the beach and another woman walks by wearing a thong, I’ll get triggered, but my mind immediately goes to the preloaded content from my wife in her sexy swimsuits or of her in the bedroom ironing her clothes wearing nothing but panties.

Ladies, how has the idea of creating screenshot moments for your guy enhanced your confidence?

Communication Challenge:

Begin having conversations about the following topics and discover how these two strategies can enhance your realtionship:

1) The Faking Game
2) Delivering Sexy Screenshot Content

Date Night Topic:

Use one of your next Date Nights to create some Sexy Screenshot content for each other.

Quote of the Week:

“I’m okay with the idea that Mystery Man is the guy who gets you revved up because, at the end of the day, I’m the one who’s scoring goals around here. You can be a fan in the stands all day long, but I’m the one holding the trophy.”

Garrett J White

“Garrett has learned the art of holding back a little, and now I feel safe about giving him screenshots. I believe it creates content and spice in a marriage. If you don’t create content for your guy, he’s going to find content somewhere else.”

Danielle K White