You’re in for a real treat in this week’s episode of Date Your Wife where the conversation is all about the highly anticipated Warrior Week for Women coming in August 2018. This is the first time in seven years that they’re bringing forth the message of the Warrior’s Way directly to women andfor women, with Danielle as one of the lead trainers.

Every week married couple Danielle and Garrett J White share insights and perspectives from within their own lives regarding the following topics discussed each month:

Week 1: Sex

Week 2: Money

Week 3: Parenting

Week 4: Communication


In This Week’s Podcast….COMMUNICATION

Point #1: Accessing Power

  • In 2012, I launched Wake Up Warrior to men. It was based on an idea that power itself could be ultimately generated and created inside of a man like me. Over the last 6 1/2 years, it has risen from a concept to a movement that is now blanketing the world in twenty-seven countries, with tens of thousands of men partaking inside of a belief system found inside the book, WarriorBook.
  • This is the first time I will be speaking directly to women on the topic of living the Warrior’s Way and accessing the power that we, as men, have been accessing for six years. Over the years, emails from women have been pouring in from around the globe requesting and searching for the same power that they have seen being taught to men, wanting it for themselves.

How and when did you first hear about Wake Up Warrior?

Point #2: Uncover Your Divine Nature and Power

  • This isn’t going to be about carrying logs or physical beatdowns; you’re not going to be outside on the trails, and you’re not going to fight each other. It’s not some ethereal meditation retreat, nor is it about being led down a path of possibility and vision boards.
  • This is a path of true, practical, pragmatic power, and it will be customized with my wife by my side, as well as the women who have stood at the core of this movement with their husbands, to lead and guide you down the path of uncovering the divine nature and power of who you truly are.

What about this speaks to your soul?

Point #3: Proven Science and Doctrine

  • This is an invitation for you to step into the first inaugural no-guarantees-that-we-will-ever-do-it-again Warrior Week for Women. We do this because it has been requested from the women who want to be able to understand the power their husband is learning, experiencing, and expressing, and for single women who are simply wanting to find the power inside of themselves to stand.
  • Coming to this experience is not about him, it’s about you. The science we have developed may not have been directed at women in the beginning, but has indirectly blessed the lives of countless thousands. We’ve been testing this doctrine and science in a small way for 1 1/2 years inside my hair salons to see if it would impact the lives of these women the way it had the men – and the answer was, yes!

Ladies, where in your life would you like to experience more power and certainty?

Point #4: Noxious Weeds and Chaos

  • It’s time to peel it back, it’s time to take a stand for you and with you. It’s time for Wake Up Warrior to put a flag in the ground inside of the marketplace and to take for the very first time, the curriculum, science, art, and the process of the awakening of and becoming a woman – from the science we’ve proven and tested in far harder ground, with more rocks and more noxious weeds and more chaos with the men, so that it would be ready for you.
  • I invite you to step inside the journey of power with me and to experience what is really about starting a movement preparing for 2019 as Wake Up Warrior begins to take this science and belief system, not directly just to men, but directly to women, just like you.

What would be possible for you if you accept this invitation?

Point #5: Is It Your Time?

  • You have an opportunity to be part of the group of the first women, the women who get to experience this raw and on fire with myself, the trainers and support coaches, who are going to be part of this integrated experience that we have never done before. I don’t need you to do this, but your family and your life will want you to.
  • If you know it’s your time – time to take a step in a direction that is ultimately possibly the first time about serving you, and about giving you purpose, power, and possibility – click, and I’ll see you in Laguna in August 2018 with my elite team of trainers at the first inaugural experience of Warrior Week for Women.

Are you ready to step into the first inaugural experience of Warrior Week for Women?

Communication Challenge:

Gentlemen, at the conclusion of the podcast, have a converation with your Queen about Warrior Week for Women and how you can support her in this journey.

Date Night Topic:

What would be possible for your family to begin living the Warrior’s Way together?

Quote of the Week:

“At Warrior Wealth for women, we’re going to train you not just on the concepts of power, but on the art and science of production. You deserve and must demand inside of yourself the capacity to be a high-level producer.”

Garrett J White

“We’re excited to see how this is going to affect the balance in your life between being a mom, a business owner, a wife, and being in a relationship; of creating more in your life, creating that space you desire, and more importantly, creating purpose beyond kids and work.”

Danielle K White